Saturday, 15 October 2011

Emily's Dessert Scones

Mmmmmmm I still love my Mam's cooking & baking. At   86 yrs old she's still such an inspiration. In the Summer her sweet scones were such a treat. Our neighbour used to go to Cornwall for their holidays & always brought us back a small tub of clotted cream, before we could open the seal Mam would make a batch of Scones.   Here's her delicious recipe to emulate a traditional Cornish /Devonshire Tea.  The result a light deliciously tasty scone.

1lb SR Four
4oz Caster Sugar
4 oz Butter
Clotted Cream or Whipping Cream
Jam or fruit compote 

  • Mix the flour & the sugar together
  • Add the butter, cut with a knife
  • Add the milk
  • Roll onto a floured surface & cut into scones
  • Place on greaseproof paper covered try
  • Brush the top of the scones with beaten egg
  • Place in pre heated oven for 15 mins
  • Remove from oven, allow to cool.
To enjoy scones at their best, halve & spread some jam straight onto the scone. On top of the jam add a dollop of whipped or clotted cream. Mmmmmmmm tasty.
Mmmmmmmm absolutely delicious. Enjoy!!

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Stuffed Pasta

Lazy & Tasty !

Pasta isn't something I cook very often. Recently I enjoyed a gorgeous, light lunch made by a friend of pasta, salad & garlic bread. The pasta was oven baked, the huge pasta shells stuffed with chicken, cheese dressed in a gorgeous creamy sauce. Its early Friday evening, after finishing work late I wonder what I can quickly bring together to serve something tasty but quick to make. I remember this dish, wonder if I can utilise the carton of minced beef I have in the fridge. I quite fancy pasta & decide to make some spicy meatballs, I have mozzarella cheese - the flavours should work well together.

Extra Large Pasta Shells
Mozzarella Cheese
Jacobs Cream Crackers
Minced Beef
Back Bacon
Red Peppers
Tinned Plum Tomatoes

  • Rinse the minced beef under running cold water
  • Crush a handful of Jacobs Cream Crackers into tint breadcrumb size pieces
  • Cut a couple of rashers of back bacon into small pieces, add to the minced beef
  • Add some spices to suit your taste, I used chilli, salt & pepper, fenugreek, garlic & paprika
  • Mix all together into a firm ball. Add some flour to your hands then take a small pinch of minced beef & roll between your plans into a small ball. Now you have a meatball :) Do this until all the minced beef is used. You can serve with spaghetti.
  • Brown the meat balls evenly in a saucepan, keep turning continuously until totally browned
  • Add the tinned tomatoes, chop the tomatoes into small pieces, add some tomato puree & some water
  • Rinse the mozzarella, dice into small cubes
  • Boil a large panful of salted water
  • Add the pasta & cook for about 9 minutes
  • Rinse the pasta under cold water. Pat dry then place into large oven proof dish
  • Tuck the mozzarella pieces into the large pasta shells
  • Next add the meatballs into the shell alongside the cheese
  • Add the remaining tomato dressing & sauce. Cover the meatballs as much as possible
  • I drizzled some chilli guava dipping sauce over the meatballs
  • Cover the pasta with tin foil & pop into a pre medium heated oven for about 15 mins.
  • Serve immediately with garlic bread, salad etc
  • ENJOY!!!