Friday, 25 February 2011

Onion Bhaji

These were made a couple of weeks ago when we had our 'Curry Evening' with friends. I made the samosa's, naan bread & curry. All were absolutely delicious & thoroughly enjoyed by all. Onion Bhaji's bring the most gorgeous flavoursome nibbles to a curry meal,  part of a tasty whole the flavours sooooo complement each other.  I meant to add them to the samosa recipe & curry recipe but totally forgot! So although its a wee bit late, they should never be forgotten when enjoying a curry night :)

Red Onion
Gram Flour
Chilli Powder


  • Top, tail & peel onions
  • Halve & slice into thin ribbons
  • In a large jug add the Gram Flour, add the teaspoons of spices & mix
  • Add little cold water & mix into a thick batter
  • Add & mix the ribbons of onion into the batter
  • Using a table spoon pick up a spoonful of the bhaji mix & drop into the hot oil
  • Using a slotted metal spoon, turn & move the bhaji's around the oil until golden brown

  • Lift the cooked bhaji out of the oil, put onto some kitchen paper & blot off excess oil

  • Serve immediately with lemon wedges
  • We had ours with the chutneys, pickles, yogurt & samosa's
  • I must just add, the smell of the bhaji's alone is absolutely gorgeous
  • I also rip up small bunch of coriander to sprinkle all over mine
Lime, Mango & Vegetable Chutney & Pickle
(sorry photo's taken at night again!! its when we ate :)

Just love coriander!!


  1. :) All I can say is pass the chutney...

  2. Oh great! I've always wanted to find a recipe for this but never gotten to do so. Thanks for posting!

  3. Hellooo Eugene, You're more than welcome although I did make up the recipe so please adjust to suit your tastebuds . Also some recipes I read add baking powder.

  4. Great recipe! And look at those chutney/pickles! The first time I ate bhajis I was on a train from Mumbai to Goa and they were the best! Love them!

  5. Helloooo Manu, thank you. The recipe does work which is the main thing!! Still needs perfecting though... so I'm working on them. We like the fenugreek in the bhaji, many recipes don't use this spice. Oooh how wonderful, Mumbai to Goa. . train . . wow train in India its gotta be done :) or rather experienced :)
    Back to Bhaji's, I'd like to make the long flat ones which are soo light & full of flavour .. watch this space . Thank you for your kind comments.