Thursday, 10 February 2011

Scones: Sun dried Tomato & Parmesan

Blush of Romance

There's something quintessentially English about scones, whether they be laden with jam & cream or ooozing delicious fruits, sultanas then of course theres the scrumptious savoury cheese scone, olive or many other flavours.  There are endless ways to dress up the occasion of having scones for tea .. or lunch!  Saturdays were mostly quiche, butterfly buns & scone days. My Mum always had specific days for cooking or baking certain foods. Superb organisation & Saturdays were quite an occasion!! I used to love eating warm, freshly baked cheese scones just out of the oven, halved, spread with butter & devoured immediately!! Saturdays, mmm Mum's scones were mainly cheese,  fruit or plain devon scones. Hard to choose a favourite as each one held their own perfection & deliciousness. Today, well I wasn't quite sure what to have for lunch. I'm due to go shopping so its really just having to make do with what we have. Sooo, Saturday scones. .  I thought I'd make a large scone for us & we'd have a gorgeous cup of tea. .  or coffee to accompany it. Tasty light lunch, even better its really easy & quick to make & bake.  I'm using my Mum's cheese scone recipe but adding a few of my own ideas. Its a rather grey day outside, here high upon the hill were sitting in low cloud & it aint moving. We've been in what appears to be a thick fog since early morning. Its raining too so an ideal day to enjoy the warmth & flavours of a sunshine scone :) Little pocket of sunshine because I've added not only grated cheese but a handful  of some gorgeous sun ripened tomatoes, still coated in the lovely oil they've been bathing in for months.  Mmmmmmm I can't tell you how absolutely gorgeous these scones were & the fragrant smell they made as they were cooking, mmmmm delightful aroma's just filled the whole house, and us with hungry anticipation & warmth :)

12os Self Raising Flour
Large Pinch of Salt
Couple of Pinches of English Mustard Powder
Couple of Pinches of Paprika (or cayenne pepper)
Freshly Milled Pepper
2oz Butter
4oz Strong Cheddar Cheese
Dash of Milk
2 Eggs
Handful Sun-dried Tomatoes
(you can add baking powder if you wish but I don't always use it)

  • Sieve SR Flour & Salt in to a large mixing bowl.
  • Sieve mustard & paprika into the flour.
  • Add freshly milled peppercorns

  • Add butter in small cut up knobs
  • Rub together into bread crumbs
  • Add grated cheese
  • Mix in with a knife
  • With scissors, cut up into strips about a palm full of sun dried tomatoes

  • Beat the eggs, add milk then add beaten eggs & milk into mixture
  • Mix altogether into a dough, must not be too sticky or moist.

  • Place dough on a floured surface, knead until dough is smooth (doesn't take much kneading or very long at all, be careful do not over handle)
  • As I was making the 'Bush of Romance' light lunch for me & hubby I wasn't using a scone cutter so shape can be quite rough looking :)
  • Flattening the dough out into a thick circle, I then quartered it.
  • With each triangle I then created a heart shaped scone :) Ooh such romance at lunch time, teee heee  tis so amusing - wonder if its noticed ha ha
  • Add to a lined & greased baking tray

  • Brushed the scones with milk then pop into a hot oven for 15 minutes

  • Mmm remove from oven when golden & cooked (mine took 15 mins)
  • Serve immediately (halved & buttered or allow to cool & butter later)

  • Cut into half & butter

  • Mmmmmmmmm ENJOY!!!


  1. These sound delicious, I love the combo of cheese and sundried tomatoes!

  2. Hellooo WitK, they really were, the richness of the flavours & texture of the scone are truly divine :)

    Scones are so versatile & adapt to many combo flavours. Yet they seem to be forgotten about in many households & kitchens - but not mine thanks to my dear Mum's rituals & recipes. I often make them, serve them with beef stew or risotto with complementary flavours. They're brill for lunch boxes too :)

  3. I love this idea, they sound like a perfect accompaniment to a big bowl of soup! Thanks!

  4. Hello Kimberly, absolutely yes they are. Add basil with the sun dried tomato, use parmesan cheese & you have a perfect accompaniment to tomato soup :) . . add creamed horseradish & stilton when having beef . . soooo tasty. they're just great, all purpose & flexible to any flavours & shapes. Most worthy of my guilty habit ha ha

  5. Love the touch of sunshine with the sundried tomatoes. Looking good!

  6. :) Hello Jill, bless you, thank you, they tasted good too, sun dried tomatoes have such a distinctive flavour. We all enjoyed them.