Saturday, 26 February 2011

Cauldron Curry

The one pot quickie curry!! I love many flavours, love spices & absolutely love simplicity. Here's the curry which ticks all of those boxes . .. easy, speedy & authentically tasty!! This is the curry that accompanied the samosa's & onion bhaji's  . . the naan & the pickles :)  Usually I marinate the chicken in some of the spices the day before . .. then the following day everything in the curry is sautéed & cooked in the one pot at varying times :) Effortless but sooo tasty!

x6 Chicken Breasts
Tomato Puree
Curry Powder Mix: Coriander, Cumin, Turmeric, Paprika, Curry, Ginger, Chilli, Garam Masala
(but you can just use whatever spices you have to hand & to whatever heat you prefer ie mild or hot)
Garlic & Ginger paste (I had a tiny bit left in a jar I'd bought specifically for a butter chicken recipe, but I do prefer the natural garlic & ginger root - to make a paste I simply grate both)
Root Ginger  2"
Garlic x4
Red Chillies x2
Tinned Tomatoes
Mango Chutney
Natural (I use Greek) Yogurt
(if you prefer a creamier flavour you can substitute the yogurt for coconut cream)

Red & Green Peppers

Basmati or Long Grain Rice


  • Wash & prepare the chicken breasts. Cut up into large chucks.
  • In a large jug add the tomato puree & all of the powder spices. Using as much or as little flavouring as you prefer. We love strong flavours so I use a couple of teaspoons per flavour with an extra pinch of chilli, garam & curry
  • Peel, top & tail the garlic bulbs, crush then dice into tiny pieces add to marinade
  • Mix altogether

  • Peel the root ginger, slice into thin strips then dice, add into marinade
  • Give it all a good stir 

  • Top, tail & peel the onions. Cut unto large wedges

  • Heat some oil up in large pan & flash cook the onions for a couple of minutes only then remove from pan & put to one side
  • Do the same with the peppers & chillies, wash, de seed & slice, add to hot oil & flash saute
  • Once flash cooked remove peppers & put to one side

  • In the same large pan add a little drizzle of oil, heat until hot then add the cubes of marinated chicken. Saute, keep turning until all sides are white.
  • Open a tin of plum tomatoes, pour onto curry , removing any hard storks at the tip of tomato
  • In the large jug, add another hand full of the mixed same spices & curry powder, add some tomato puree, some garlic paste & ginger paste stirring into thick paste. Add a little boiling hot water & mix in the curry powder & spices maintaining the thick paste consistency
  • Add the paste mix to the chicken & gently fold in the spices. Bring to the boil. keep stirring then reduce heat, add lid & leave  to cook gently until its time for the onions & peppers to be added just before serving.
  • The onions & peppers should be nicely sizzled to bring out the maximum flavour 
  • Add large tablespoon of mango chutney to the curry mixture
  • Measure out the amount of rice needed, I use 1 large cup/small mug per 2 persons
  • Rinse rice well in a colander in a saucepan, which saves water, until water turns clear
  • Once rice is thoroughly rinsed, boil the kettle, add large pinch of salt & bring rice to the boil, follow instructions, usually about 10 mins cooks it perfectly, so its still a tiny bit firm & flavour full.
  • Add large dollop of natural yogurt to the curry & fold in

  • Stir gently in, then add peppers & onions

  • Fold in the peppers & onions until everything is coated with the curry sauce
  •  Warm the serving plates in the oven 
  • Boil the kettle, in a sieve rinse the cooked rice with the boiling water
  • Tear some coriander leaves from the plant, either rip or chop the leaves to sprinkle over curry
  • Serve immediately with chutney, naan bread etc & enjoy
As we had company, I didn't manage to take any photo's of the complete meal on the plates at the dining table, but the curry & rice were served with roti breads, poppadoms, natural yogurt & mango chutney. Although, you could eat the samosa & onion bhaji at the same time but we prefer to have them as a starter with the lime pickles, chutney & yogurt.

But, here's a plateful of a Butter Chicken Curry with rice & coriander which I made a few weeks ago..


  1. OHHHHHHHHH what a flavorsome meal!!! Have I mentioned I LOVE Indian food??? I can almost get the aroma of this yummy curry from the pictures!!! Going to check out your bhaji's too!!!

  2. That looks incredible. I've only had curry once in my life, and it was absolutely amazing! Saving this recipe to try soon!

  3. Hellooo Manu, bless you we have similar taste I just LOVE curries, any kind really as long as they're flavoursome. I have a very basic curry recipe which is actually one of the most delicious curries we've tried, I'll post it up soon. The smell is divine :D Mmmmm I like a saucy curry too, so I can dip the naan or roti bread ;o)

  4. Hellooooo Kimberly, You're very kind!! Once is never enough, do try making yours . . soon it'll become a regular Friday night feast!! Gorgeous flavours & you can create so many wondrous meals. Enjoy creating the magic :)

  5. This is hot! Looks so good and I'm with you on it being for a Friday night for curry night (funny to hear that you do that too!) Hmmm. With all the wee extras in there like Naan, pickles, coriander. Love your step-by-step photos!

  6. Hello Dear Jill, hope you're settling in back home :) & all is well. Think maybe its a Northern thing, we always had Girlie nights out, curry nights etc & always the favourite night would be a Friday. Favourite as most of us didn't work Saturdays :) Start of the weekend fun, guess we never lose that anticipation for a fun weekend & it all starts Friday night :) Now instead of the all night parties its a curry, dvd & a cosy night in next to a log fire ;o)
    Yes Jill, all the wee bits extra make it such a treat .. sad huh ;)
    He he the step by step photies are the legacy for my daughter ;0

    Thank you for your kindness.