Sunday, 6 May 2012

Fruity meringue pie

Opus of orgasmic deliciousness, heavenly fruit stewed & a mouthwatering puff pastry layered base.  To bring a hint of naughtiness & indulgence, make a toffee chewy sticky pavlova topping to unite simplicity with thrilling formality. A brilliant dessert to create when you just don't know what will be good enough for those dinner guests. Fail proof, always tickles & thrills!!

Wash & prepare some seasonal fruit, I used rhubarb, plums, apples & grapes. Quite a tasty combination, exciting the palette with sweet seduction.
Make or buy a base layer of puff pastry. (this one was from the freezer already made in advance)
Whip up a gorgeous slightly caramel flavoured pavlova to finish.

Sheet of puff pastry
4 Egg whites
cup full of half natural granulated sugar & half soft brown sugar (discovery they both work only because I ran out of caster sugar & as guests were arriving within the hour I had to improvise)
Lemon juice or vinegar
Vanilla essence
Plums, Rhubarb, Apples, Grapes. (washed & sliced ready to place onto pastry in any disorderly fashion)
Ice cream or cream

  • Grease a baking tray. Place sheet of pastry onto tray , coat in milk or egg yolks. (or both :)
  • Cook pastry in hot oven for about 30 minutes
  • Allow pastry to cool whilst preparing fruit & making pavlova
  • Remove the yolks from the whites, I just use the half shell of the egg for ease & quickness.
  • Add whites into a bowl & whip until forms a soft peak 
  • Spoonful by spoonful mix the sugar into the fluffy peaks
  • Add dash of vineyard or lemon juice (bout a teaspoon)
  • Peel, slice & stew gently the rhubarb until softened briefly add the other fruits for a few moments.
  • Bring to the boil
  • Place the softened - but skins intact - sliced fruits onto the layer of puff pastry
  • Add the slightly stewed rhubarb & thick syrup juices last
  • Using a large wooden spoon add the divine dollops of the pavlova mix onto the fruit, totally concealing them
  • Once main course is ready to eat, place the fruit pie into the oven for around 45 mins - an hour or as long as necessary (adapting heat to suit accordingly) whilst enjoying your main course. 
Gorgeous served hot with cold, melting ice cream :)
(sadly didn't remember to take photos of finished result as we were too into the flow of the wining & dining by then, yakkering too much but I can say it was greatly appreciated by all & all devoured!!)

Basically a modern take on an old fashioned favourite, yet the lemon meringue pie never draws the gasps of indulgent pleasures this fruity little number always incites.  Mmmmmmmmmm ENJOY.
(as per usual, lease do play around, be creative try many variations & combinations. Works well with raspberries, pears & apricots etc etc)

Juicy Sunday Joints

Any joint can be roasted in the following way. Its the juicy flavours, the fragrant taste, the warmth & spice which impregnate the flesh, marvelling a most unique & succulent tasty alternative to a dry roast.
Excite the tastebuds, simultaneously creating the most delicious gravy. 
Unleash your imagination, allow  peppercorns or mustard seeds to permeate their warmth & spice,  garlic, mustard, celery to penetrate their vibrant rousing flavours complimenting the freshness of rosemary or coriander, thyme or basil etc etc.  Smother with cranberry sauce, honey, Thai paste, ginger & garlic et etc  All melt & blend together in a fusion of exquisiteness. Full flavours with minimum  effort :)
Cook on a bed of Italian style potatoes, remembering  every now & then to open the foil parcel allowing the full flowing flavours to overflow, to soak thus marinate the potato mixture beneath. 
Mmmmmmm mmmmmmm.
Enjoy being creative . . share any good flavours & findings please :)