Saturday, 26 February 2011

Cauldron Curry

The one pot quickie curry!! I love many flavours, love spices & absolutely love simplicity. Here's the curry which ticks all of those boxes . .. easy, speedy & authentically tasty!! This is the curry that accompanied the samosa's & onion bhaji's  . . the naan & the pickles :)  Usually I marinate the chicken in some of the spices the day before . .. then the following day everything in the curry is sautéed & cooked in the one pot at varying times :) Effortless but sooo tasty!

x6 Chicken Breasts
Tomato Puree
Curry Powder Mix: Coriander, Cumin, Turmeric, Paprika, Curry, Ginger, Chilli, Garam Masala
(but you can just use whatever spices you have to hand & to whatever heat you prefer ie mild or hot)
Garlic & Ginger paste (I had a tiny bit left in a jar I'd bought specifically for a butter chicken recipe, but I do prefer the natural garlic & ginger root - to make a paste I simply grate both)
Root Ginger  2"
Garlic x4
Red Chillies x2
Tinned Tomatoes
Mango Chutney
Natural (I use Greek) Yogurt
(if you prefer a creamier flavour you can substitute the yogurt for coconut cream)

Red & Green Peppers

Basmati or Long Grain Rice


  • Wash & prepare the chicken breasts. Cut up into large chucks.
  • In a large jug add the tomato puree & all of the powder spices. Using as much or as little flavouring as you prefer. We love strong flavours so I use a couple of teaspoons per flavour with an extra pinch of chilli, garam & curry
  • Peel, top & tail the garlic bulbs, crush then dice into tiny pieces add to marinade
  • Mix altogether

  • Peel the root ginger, slice into thin strips then dice, add into marinade
  • Give it all a good stir 

  • Top, tail & peel the onions. Cut unto large wedges

  • Heat some oil up in large pan & flash cook the onions for a couple of minutes only then remove from pan & put to one side
  • Do the same with the peppers & chillies, wash, de seed & slice, add to hot oil & flash saute
  • Once flash cooked remove peppers & put to one side

  • In the same large pan add a little drizzle of oil, heat until hot then add the cubes of marinated chicken. Saute, keep turning until all sides are white.
  • Open a tin of plum tomatoes, pour onto curry , removing any hard storks at the tip of tomato
  • In the large jug, add another hand full of the mixed same spices & curry powder, add some tomato puree, some garlic paste & ginger paste stirring into thick paste. Add a little boiling hot water & mix in the curry powder & spices maintaining the thick paste consistency
  • Add the paste mix to the chicken & gently fold in the spices. Bring to the boil. keep stirring then reduce heat, add lid & leave  to cook gently until its time for the onions & peppers to be added just before serving.
  • The onions & peppers should be nicely sizzled to bring out the maximum flavour 
  • Add large tablespoon of mango chutney to the curry mixture
  • Measure out the amount of rice needed, I use 1 large cup/small mug per 2 persons
  • Rinse rice well in a colander in a saucepan, which saves water, until water turns clear
  • Once rice is thoroughly rinsed, boil the kettle, add large pinch of salt & bring rice to the boil, follow instructions, usually about 10 mins cooks it perfectly, so its still a tiny bit firm & flavour full.
  • Add large dollop of natural yogurt to the curry & fold in

  • Stir gently in, then add peppers & onions

  • Fold in the peppers & onions until everything is coated with the curry sauce
  •  Warm the serving plates in the oven 
  • Boil the kettle, in a sieve rinse the cooked rice with the boiling water
  • Tear some coriander leaves from the plant, either rip or chop the leaves to sprinkle over curry
  • Serve immediately with chutney, naan bread etc & enjoy
As we had company, I didn't manage to take any photo's of the complete meal on the plates at the dining table, but the curry & rice were served with roti breads, poppadoms, natural yogurt & mango chutney. Although, you could eat the samosa & onion bhaji at the same time but we prefer to have them as a starter with the lime pickles, chutney & yogurt.

But, here's a plateful of a Butter Chicken Curry with rice & coriander which I made a few weeks ago..

Friday, 25 February 2011

Onion Bhaji

These were made a couple of weeks ago when we had our 'Curry Evening' with friends. I made the samosa's, naan bread & curry. All were absolutely delicious & thoroughly enjoyed by all. Onion Bhaji's bring the most gorgeous flavoursome nibbles to a curry meal,  part of a tasty whole the flavours sooooo complement each other.  I meant to add them to the samosa recipe & curry recipe but totally forgot! So although its a wee bit late, they should never be forgotten when enjoying a curry night :)

Red Onion
Gram Flour
Chilli Powder


  • Top, tail & peel onions
  • Halve & slice into thin ribbons
  • In a large jug add the Gram Flour, add the teaspoons of spices & mix
  • Add little cold water & mix into a thick batter
  • Add & mix the ribbons of onion into the batter
  • Using a table spoon pick up a spoonful of the bhaji mix & drop into the hot oil
  • Using a slotted metal spoon, turn & move the bhaji's around the oil until golden brown

  • Lift the cooked bhaji out of the oil, put onto some kitchen paper & blot off excess oil

  • Serve immediately with lemon wedges
  • We had ours with the chutneys, pickles, yogurt & samosa's
  • I must just add, the smell of the bhaji's alone is absolutely gorgeous
  • I also rip up small bunch of coriander to sprinkle all over mine
Lime, Mango & Vegetable Chutney & Pickle
(sorry photo's taken at night again!! its when we ate :)

Just love coriander!!