Thursday, 3 February 2011

Charming Chutney

A tasty posting has just reminded me  (a post from the lovely Jill) 
Soon it will be BBQ time, alfresco dining. Here upon the hill, we're usually blessed with lovely long Summer nights.  We do try to bbq & eat al fresco every day while the sun shines when we can. Last year I made another lovely batch of chutneys to enjoy with our bbq'd meats. So much tastier & cheaper than bought ones. They were delicious & now - well its an ideal time to prepare them in advance so the wonderfully rich flavours can leisurely pervade each & every ingredient. Without any hesitation it time to get the chutney cauldron going :)

Apples x4
Carrots x3
Leek x1
Red Onions x2
Peppers (green, red & orange) x3
Brown Sugar 1 cup
Vinegar 1 cup ( I used a mixture of white wine, malted, balsamic)
Garlic x3 cloves
Water x3 cups
Spices: coriander, mixed spice, garam masala, cinnamon, clove, paprika, ginger, nutmeg, peppercorn, mustard,  allspice. (or adapt to suit your taste)
Chilli x1 or x2 to suit taste buds

  • Peel, top & tail the carrots. 
  • Wash the peppers, top & remove the seeds.
  • Top, tail & peel the onions.
  • Core & peel the apples.
  • Dice all of the vegetables & fruit into small pieces (the peppers I sliced into very thin small ribbon like strips) 
  • Add all diced ingredients into a large saucepan.
My coriander plant was flowering,
I added the coriander flowers as they were a little spicy :)
  • I use half dark brown sugar & half light brown sugar.
  • Spices I took a teaspoon (or more) of anything I have in the cupboard that smells as if it would suit the chutney: cinnamon, mixed spice, garam masala, coriander, paprika etc.

  • Add 1 jug of vinegar & 3 jugs of water to diced veggies, sugar & spice mix.
  • Add saucepan to a low heat, stir gently then put the lid onto to the saucepan . 
  • Bring to the boil  cook & stir on high heat for 20 minutes then reduce heat. 
  • Allow to cook for about 3 hours, checking the consistency & stirring occasionally.
  • Add more water if necessary or more spices depending upon taste.
  •  Once cooked decant into glass jars. 
  • Seal then put away to the back of the pantry & forget about it until its time for the delicious the Summer bbq's 
This simple recipe really is charming, its always the first one of my chutneys that I make. Not only because its so easy & versatile, but because it welcomes anything you have in the fridge that needs using up. Its really a basic, non specialised chutney but one that can be used for everyday enjoyment. Its a really tasty complimentary chutney, one that beautifully enhances many many different flavours & textures of many different meals during the al fresco season.

Its going to be a chutney making day ..  well in between my work app's . . so watch this space. Didn't want to wait before posting though, because you too can start your own batch of chutneys today - ready for the Summer BBQ's   :)

2011 Chutney

Cauldron of Chutney :)
  • Mmmmmm this Chutney smells soooo good already. Its just cooling over night then I will decant it into glass jars, which will be left mature in the back of the pantry til July. :)
Spicy Chutney Februry 2011
1 Saucepan made 3 jars
Spinneys Cauldron's Chutney :) 


  1. Hi and Thank you for your kind comment on FoodBuzz.
    I'm loving your blog and have added it to the list down the side bar of mine. Looking forward to your next recipe! Jan

  2. Bless you, thank you. I'm a total naive newbie on FB & Blogger, but I've not only got a follower, now I am following you too . . whatever that means :o)
    You're very kind. Your food looks absolutely gorgeous, love the Chinese chicken chow mein, I've never tried to make chow mein, but I'm going to try now because yours looks so authentic. Thank you again for your encouragement :)