Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Chicken wrapped in bacon

Italian Medallion : Ooooh for Spring, ooh to feel the sunshine upon my naked skin.  Another cold, wet & wintery day.  A blanket of dreary grey skies wrapped the day's sunshine away. The student's studying & the workers working hard.
Dinner needed to bring a cheery smile, a warming feeling to the end of their long weary day. Ah, I'll bring some sunshine to their plates !! So Italian & Medallions made perfect sense. This recipe is soooo quick, easy (as all mine are ha ha :) & very very tasty. Looks good , smells good & tastes great! Welcome to yet another Spinneys Cauldron full of flavoursome delights.

x4 Chicken Breasts
Mature Cheddar Cheese (or whatever flavour cheese yours enjoy)
((my fav is made with blue or french))
x8 Rashers of Back Bacon (or streaky)

  • Peel potatoes. Halve & quarter then cut into 1/8's. Add large pinch of salt to a saucepan. Place the portions of potatoes into the saucepan & add boiling water to cover them. Cover with a lid & bring to the boil on the stove for 6 minutes. Empty par boiled potatoes into a colander. Add colander to empty saucepan & rinse with cold water until potatoes are cold. Once cold leave to one side until needed.
Peel, cut, dice & blanch/par boil in boiling water
  • Add a drizzle of olive oil to an oven proof serving dish. 
  • Top & tail an onion, half it & then slice it into wedges, Cut the wedges into dice sized pieces. Add to ovenproof serving dish.
Top, tail & remove the onion skin. Slice & dice into small pieces.
  • Top, tail & peel 2 garlic cloves. Slice & dice into tiny pieces. Add to onions in serving dish.
Add onions & garlic to oiled, oven proof serving dish.
  • Pop the tomatoes into a colander, wash the cherry plum tomatoes in cold water.
  • Halve the plum cherry tomatoes then add them to the diced onions & garlic
  • Add the portions of the par boiled potatoes to the onions, garlic & tomatoes.
  • Spray some Olive oil over the mixture & add to pre-heated oven
Wash, halve & add to onions & garlic
Oil, onion, garlic & tomatoes
Add chopped Rosemary to onions, tomatoes & garlic
Add par-boiled potatoes
Add dusting of parmesan cheese
Sprinkle with black pepper
Mix altogether then spray with olive oil before putting into pre heated oven
Mmmmmm ready for the oven.. my style Italian style potatoes  :)
  • Next tear 4 large pieces  of tin foil & place them onto the work surface, shiny side down. 
  • Cut the rind off the rashers of bacon. Place two rashers of bacon  into the middle of the foil, in the shape of a cross. This is in preparation to wrap around the bacon.
  •  Open up the chicken breast, slice an opening diagonally across the flesh, to create a little pocket to put the cheese into. Place onto the centre of the bacon cross.
  • On a separate chopping board (never mix raw foods & fresh foods) slice 4 lumps of cheese of the slab of cheese.  Place a lump of cheese in the pocket of each breast. Wrap the loose & attached flesh on top of the cheese, like a sandwich.
Medallion of chicken ready for  the oven
x3 wigwams of medallions of chicken, wrapped in bacon, stuffed with cheese
  • Remove the required amount of cabbage leaves from the cabbage. Remove the outer skin of the leek. Scoring the centre of the leek with a knife. Wash the cabbage leaves & leeks,. Wash the leek thoroughly between all layers.Lay the cabbage leaves flat, one on top of the other. With a sharp vegetable knife cut thin slices from side to side of the cabbage leaf. Creating long ribbon like pieces. Cut the leeks into thin circles.
  • Add ribbons of cabbage & circles of leeks to a saucepan.
  • Top, tail & peel carrots.
  • Add some salt, store in cold water until cooking.
Veggies. Prepare cabbage.
Prepare leeks

Prepared Vegetables.

  • Open foil parcels & pop back in oven, allowing bacon to brown a little.
  • Turn over veggie mix.
  • Cook carrots.
  • Boil kettle, add boiling water to cabbage & leeks. (Cooking time 6 mins only)
  • Once veggies are ready, drain & serve onto pre heated plates.
  • Remove chicken parcels & roasted potato mix from oven & serve.
Brown bacon & turn potatoes & veggie mix
Drain cabbage & leeks, which should still be a little firm to the taste

A most welcoming delicious family meal to satisfy the hungry Souls

  • I often cook this dinner, but because its so easy to taste totally different - so that you never become bored with the flavours - its a winner every time.  Simply vary the veggies, change the cheese to a blue or a french, have runner beans & green beans, cauliflower cheese goes really well too. Easy, versatile & sooo delicious.  My hubby loves the juices in the foil parcel from the chicken, bacon & cheese so he uses them as his gravy, whereas our daughter still likes traditional gravy with her meal.


  1. What a delicious looking dinner and I really like that it so easily adaptable. Plus, you can never go wrong with bacon!

  2. Thank you Joy, it was delicious & was a perfect provision for such a cold day!! Bacon is very handy, think the recipe traditionally is probably the posh pancetta or something equally tasty. I had bacon - so I use what I have. I'm a chucker kinda cook :).

    I'm just popping over to yours with my morning coffee right now :)