Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Wraps: Bacon, lettuce etc

Yesterday after work, always seems to be as I'm preparing dinner, Hubby pops home into the kitchen absolutely famished, loitering with intent, he knows if I'm in the kitchen the chances of a bite of lunch are high!  As I already had some ingredients out for the Beef Olives, I quickly scanned all possibilities, came up the idea of a very speedy, but tasty, easy lunch that should fill him for an hour or so :).  We both took our lunch together and surprisingly thoroughly enjoyed it & we will make them again!!  Usually Hubby isnt keen on tortilla's but because it was warm & a bit more flavoursome due to the flame scorching he really enjoyed it .. . so for those quickies . .

Grated Cheese
Spicy Sauce/Dip
Tortilla Wraps


  • Add the bacon to a grill pan, I use tin foil beneath mine. Grill the bacon as it it, with a little rind on. Grill until a little more crispy than usual.
  • Add knob of butter to small saucepan, slice the mushrooms add to the melted butter. Saute & sizzle till nicely browned. Or if in a hurry, chuck them both in together :)
  • Wash, slice & add tomatoes to the mushrooms. Cook until soft & warm.
  • Wash & pat dry lettuce, slice into ribbons.
  • Using a gas hob flame, throw a tortilla over the flame, allow to brown a little turning constantly until desired taste

  • On a warmed plate lay the warm tortilla, spread little mayo over the tortilla
  • Splash some spicy sauce or dressing onto the mayo
  • Add a line of ribboned lettuce

  • Add spoonful of mushrooms & tomatoes onto the lettuce
  • Some grated cheese if you like cheese

  • With pair of scissors pick up a rasher of crispy bacon form the grill, cut into strips onto the line of mushrooms, tomatoes & lettuce.
  • If the bacon's fatty, blot with kitchen roll

  • Fold in each side of the tortilla, then roll into a tight wrap . 
  • Halve with a knife & serve immediately 
Mmmmmm ENJOY!!


  1. Yum what a delicious looking wrap! I want some bacon now!!

  2. Hi there raptortoe, he he it was delicious!! Thank you for you kind comments.

  3. That looks really good! I love wraps, they are a wonderful easy meal that to throw together!

  4. Hellooo Kimberly, thank you they were really good, surprisingly too, I just love throwing together food & different flavours. Wraps are perfect for such 'throws' :)