Monday, 7 February 2011

Scrambled Eggs

.. some of the 'Girlies'
Clever Girlies !!
There's something about simplicity, deliciousness & authenticity. Take the humble chickens egg. Wow, its one of the most versatile ingredients in my kitchen.
In our garden, our chickens are the most useful pet, they earn their keep unlike the cats :) & pup. Every egg that graces our nesting box,  I think is a wee miracle. There's nothing more delightful & awesome then holding a warm, egg, freshly laid in the palm of your hands. Still I feel such a thrill!! Still after 4 years I say to my hubby "feel, feel this" He'll smile & say "its a warm egg"  Yet still he cant resist a little hold.  Its the most amazing feeling, even out Teen'un  loves to collect the eggs, loves to be welcomed home by the chooks running to greet her :)   Oooh Happy Days.  Natures gifts - awesome . . there are so many things about an egg which make me appreciative, ie. how Lola's eggs are a gorgeous bluey green colour, her yolks huge & orange.  Always the same size . . . I mean how is that!! How are her yolks always the same size. We had 9 chickens at one time . . we only have two chooks at the moment but even when we had 9 I knew each & every egg respectively. Such amazing little cycles, little laying rituals & so in tune with nature. I could write a whole page on our chooks :) Today, Lola & Ethel are ... ooops foraging in the neighbours garden :/ Naughty chooks!!!!! .. be back in  a moment  :D
Lola & Ethel
Anyway, chooks back in our garden & gently told off :) So, breakfast (or light lunch or supper :)
  • Grab a small saucepan, three chooks eggs, a knob of butter, dash of milk, pinch of salt & some freshly ground pepper . . (sometimes I add a pinch of English mustard powder) . 
  • Add all into the saucepan then pop onto a med heat.  
  • Stir constantly until eggs looks gooey, at this point they're almost cooked depending upon whether you like them moist or firm. I like the moist, so I switch the flame off at this point & keep stirring. 
  • Soon they're perfect, do watch them carefully as they're easy to overcook.
  • Our daughter likes them fluffy & firm, so I leave her's on the flame a little longer. 
  • I serve mine with fresh plum or cherry or beef tomatoes. The rest of the family love toast with theirs. I  don't always want to eat bread, so the tomatoes are simply gorgeous accompaniment & complement the eggs soo much. 
  • Simple, tasty & full of goodness . . either morning, noon or eve.

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