Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Beef Olives

This is one of our all time favourite Winter meals, its very versatile too, can be enjoyed with almost any flavours, accompaniments & fillings. Today, on a cold grey rainy day we appreciated its wholesome warmth & tastiness!!

Sirloin steaks
 Stuffing Mix 
Red Pepper
Cheese (this one chosen was flavoured with garlic & chives)
Horseradish Sauce
Salt & Pepper

Petit Pois

  • First of all remove the fat from the sirloin steaks, then bash the steaks into much bigger thinner flatter steaks, so you can add stuffing to the centre & then roll then into parcels (known as olives)
  • Wash, slice & dice mushrooms, add to saucepan & saute.
  • Slice rashers of bacon into samll strips, add to mushrooms
  • Remove stork, deseed & slice the red pepper into quarters. Slice & dice one of the quarters
  • Add diced peppers to saucepan
  • Skin, top, tail, crush, slice & dice garlic. Add garlic to stuffing & mix in
  • Quarter then slice & dice tomatoes
  • Add tomatoes to the stuffing mix,  stir in well continue to saute over low heat
  • Grate frozen bread crusts into breadcrumbs (our daughter hated bread crusts, she also doesn't like homemade bread. Si I would make ours & buy hers. I used to moan like crazy & make her eat her crusts, but then realised I had instant breadcrumbs by saving her crusts & freezing them :)
  • Add the breadcrumbs to the stuffing mix

  • Grate into the mix the small piece of cheese
  • Mix all together then add heaped teaspoon of Horseradish Sauce into stuffing
  • Stir Horseradish Sauce into stuffing

  • Lay out the bashed sirloin steaks, place a heaped spoonful of stuffing in the centre of the steaks

  • Roll & wrap up the stuffing so all is concealed within the centre, like a little parcel secure with a cocktail stick if necessary.

  • Roll, wrap & secure (if necessary) all of the steaks

  • Heat some oil in a cauldron, once hot add the parcels & seal the steaks,
  • Turning until all red meat is browned

  • Line a casserole dish with the remaining red peppers ( sliced)
  • Remove the beef olives from the cauldron once browned adding the parcels to an ovenproof casserole dish
  • Add some beef stock ingredients into a jug, ie red wine, tomato puree, spices, mustard powder, thyme, beef stock, gravy granules etc pour in boiling water

  • Stir well then pour over beef olives

  • Once all the rich stock is poured over the Beef Olives add some foil to cover or a lid, pop into a pre heated oven to cook.
  • Next peel, rinse & prepare potatoes for boiling, (to create mashed potatoes)
  • Halve & quarter then add to saucepan, add large pinch of salt
  • Cover potatoes with cold water

  • Bring to the boil, add lid simmer for 15 mins or until tender
  • Whilst Potatoes are cooking, peel, prepare, slice & dice portion of swede into small cubes, ready to cook for mashing.
  • Add to cold, salted water, bring to the boil, add lid  & cook until tender
  • Remove Beef Olives from the oven, turn over & return to oven without the foil
  • Both should take around about the same amount of time - drain off the boiling water. Mash until creamy, add butter to both. I always add pepper to my mashed swede after the butter.
  • Hmm, need that night camera again :)
  • Keep lids on the pans once both are mashed.
  • In a small pan, add some frozen petit pois, cover with boiling water, add pinch of salt & bring to boil.
  • Warm serving plates up in the oven 
  • Remove plates from the oven, add beef olive & the ribbons of red peppers to the warmed serving plates
  • Add mashed potatoes & the mashed swede
  • Drain & immediately serve petit pois (we like ours barley al dente hence minimum cooking time)
  • Pour the remaining Beef Olive gravy over dinner  .. serve 
  • ENJOY :) 
the gravy from the steaks is gorgeous & rich

When you halve the Olives you can still see a delicious stuffing
intact, filling the whole centre, the flavours infused into the steaks

  • Great tasty meal yet using only what provisions I had left over in our fridge & freezer from last weeks shopping.
  • Beef Olives, an old fashioned meal but fantastically tasty timeless flavours.

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