Sunday, 21 August 2011

Luscious Slow Roast Lamb

Unfortunately  I haven't any photo's of the finished meal as we were all soooo hungry. However as its a gorgeous flavour & way to cook the  lamb I will still share it anyway. Reason for using this method was we were all popping out for a few hours, but would be coming back for dinner hence choosing a slow cook roast way to ensure we had a lovely meal waiting for us upon our return.  Not only does the wonderful aroma fill the home but the food is just sooo tender & sooo delicious. Another bonus is all that remains is to boil the kettle & then cook the accompanying vegetables to serve with the roast dinner.  Hope you enjoy, also do try to experiment with flavours ie.  you could use rosemary, fennel, basil, oregano etc

Joint of Lamb (this one is Rolled Shoulder)
Onions Tomatoes
Cranberry Sauce

Veggies of your choice

  • Wash the lamb, pat dry & sit in a large couple of pieces of tinfoil
  • Next add few bunches of tarragon (or rosemary etc)
  • Add a couple of spoonfuls of honey over the lamb & tarragon
  • Add few spoonfuls of cranberry sauce
  • Fold the foil over the lamb to create a sealed parcel
  • Peel & cut the potatoes, par boil for 10 ins, drain then add into a large tureen
  • Prepare the garlic, tomatoes & basil , ass to the potatoes for deliciously flavoured roast potatoes
  • Add foil parcel onto the potatoes
  • Pop into oven for a few hours on med heat
  • Serve with gorgeous vegetables & for a delicious gravy, use the juices from the lamb
  • Mmmmmmmm enjoy!!!! 

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Jambalaya .. New Orleans style

Its been a while!!!! So much can happen in a hour, or even a day let alone a a few months however lets just stick with last week!!! Phewie - Wow - what a week. Riots in London & across England .. Riots & Looting!!! Huh & I thought the English just don't loot. However, an illogical decent into mindless disregard, conspiracy theories accompanied with the usual flummoxing questions like "what ever happened to good manners, great respect, much honour & shared responsibility towards each other" just mustn't enter an already hot Hot HOT kitchen :)  Without further ado lets get to the fun dish that is known as  Jambalaya!! Now I have made this before many years ago & a few times, each time recipe being different ingredients - each result nice. Its not my favourite kind of meal served onto a plate but it does serve a purpose. . . a quick, tasty & a little varied flavours & textures. Actually I was feeling lazy - very lazy & tired  - maybe it perhaps would've been more delicious served with a platter of delicious side vegetables or side salad. However after a week full of meals, baking, sight seeing, more cooking, more dishes due to company staying with us a lazy quick option seemed heavenly perfect & perfect it was.
One of our guests is an American, she is getting married next year in New Orleans, were all invited to the Shindig. Part of our invitation was hand written date on a New Orleans postcard, purchased last month whilst she was visiting suitable wedding venues in New Orleans. What a great way to serve - as a memo - the dates of the wedding to write into next years diary until the proper invitations arrive. These postcards are both ideal & useful, each one of them sharing a typical New Orleans recipe.  Mine being the recipe for Jambalaya!!  

Smoked Sausage  ( I used Chorzio)
Cooked Ham
Red Pepper
Green Spring Onions  ( I used red onions too)
Celery  (I didnt have any)
Garlic Cloves
Tin of Plum Tomatoes
Cayenne Pepper (I used smoked paprika & paprika)
Ham Stock
Salt, Pepper
Worcestershire Sauce
Rice  (I used long grain)

I also added French Green Beans & *Petite Pois in place of the celery, *frozen ones defrosted by pouring boiling water over them, then adding a capful of shrimp boil (another American gift) to add some further spice . . app the spice increases the longer the peas (usually shrimp) are soaked into this liquid flavouring! Seemed a good - interesting - way to add some heat & to try it out  :)

  • Remove outer skin from chorzio, cut into quarter pieces
  • Cut ham into cubes
  • Add both chorzio & ham into a large caldron style pan to saute
  • Peel & chop the Spring onions & red onion
  • Wash & deseed the red pepper, slice into small pieces
  • Peel, top & tail the garlic, crush & dice into tiny pieces
  • Add all chopped ingredients into the pan to saute alongside the sausage & ham
  • Add lid & saute for a little while
  • Wash & rinse the rice in plenty of cold water until water is clear
  • Prepare tinned tomatoes, ham stock & spices
  • Add all into the pan & mix
  • Bring to boil then cook on high heat for about 10 mins without lid
  • Reduce heat & add lid. Stir regularly add water if necessary
  • After 20 mins switch off, stir return lid & allow to soak up juices. 
  • A tasty, speedy cauldron style cooking which suits so many different needs. 
  • The added spicy peas were nice but it was equally as tasty without, The shrimp boil/sauce has a very distinctive flavour but I cant yet get what it is, its a very clean flavour .. almost aniseed/fennel hint.
  • Serve hot & enjoy :)
  • Mmmmmm the rice is actually full of flavours, the smoky sausage, the spicy paprika - delicious
  • I shall make this again sometime soon, but will also try with Spinneys favourite flavourings. 
  • Thats the beauty of using rice, it does lend itself to many flavours & needs. Egg fried rice, curry & rice, stroganoff . Brilliant food medium :)