Sunday, 21 August 2011

Luscious Slow Roast Lamb

Unfortunately  I haven't any photo's of the finished meal as we were all soooo hungry. However as its a gorgeous flavour & way to cook the  lamb I will still share it anyway. Reason for using this method was we were all popping out for a few hours, but would be coming back for dinner hence choosing a slow cook roast way to ensure we had a lovely meal waiting for us upon our return.  Not only does the wonderful aroma fill the home but the food is just sooo tender & sooo delicious. Another bonus is all that remains is to boil the kettle & then cook the accompanying vegetables to serve with the roast dinner.  Hope you enjoy, also do try to experiment with flavours ie.  you could use rosemary, fennel, basil, oregano etc

Joint of Lamb (this one is Rolled Shoulder)
Onions Tomatoes
Cranberry Sauce

Veggies of your choice

  • Wash the lamb, pat dry & sit in a large couple of pieces of tinfoil
  • Next add few bunches of tarragon (or rosemary etc)
  • Add a couple of spoonfuls of honey over the lamb & tarragon
  • Add few spoonfuls of cranberry sauce
  • Fold the foil over the lamb to create a sealed parcel
  • Peel & cut the potatoes, par boil for 10 ins, drain then add into a large tureen
  • Prepare the garlic, tomatoes & basil , ass to the potatoes for deliciously flavoured roast potatoes
  • Add foil parcel onto the potatoes
  • Pop into oven for a few hours on med heat
  • Serve with gorgeous vegetables & for a delicious gravy, use the juices from the lamb
  • Mmmmmmmm enjoy!!!! 


  1. Luscious is such a good word to describe this dish. No wonder there were no photos of the finished dish. Love the garlic, tomatoes and basil. A lovely change from mint!

  2. Hello there,
    Thank you, yes the potatoes were delicious I love the Italian roast style. The lamb most certainly was luscious, can't tell you just how juicy & flavoursome. . will certainly use the cranberry & honey kinda glaze again it really was a wonderful combination the tart & the sweet. Yummy!! Mint has never been my favourite flavour - occasionally accompanying new potatoes but I really need to find something which I like & will bring mint to its truest potential :) meanwhile I experiment with the many other herbs & spices :)

    Hope you're having a wonderful weekend.

  3. This looks so good. Much lighter than an English roast so perfect for Summer! Thanks for the follow, really like your blog and am following back.