Ineluctable Facets

Helloooo there,
Oooh dear the formalities - but what will be of any interest - perhaps the typical labels, the profession, the expectations, the offerings, excuses & meanings or maybe the Soul or the journey that is all of me in so many different facets.
Firstly I am a lover, indulging whole heartedly into an almost tempestuous love affair with life & living. A lover of the simple life, simple things bring great pleasure. Absolutely love - in awe of - nature & all natural phenomena. Lover of family & friends, of creativity, travel, musings & music, discovery & delights. Love having senses, taste & instinct. I adore cooking, baking & slowly devouring delicious food.  Suppose 'Creativity' in all its wondrous forms just about covers all things & pleasures .. leading back to the path of discovery & exploration.
Entwining joys - I share my love & life. I'm a missus, a mum, a daughter, a sister, a neighbour & a friend.
Secondly, would be wholly understandable to be likened to a frustrated small holding, self sufficienter :D Okay & I make up words as & when I need them. I love cooking, love making up recipes with whatever I have in the fridge. I'm a 'chucker' kinda cook :)  bit of this & a wee bit of that. I create all recipes from instinct. Try to use as much as possible natural ingredients. Oooh talking of the au natural . .  of course I would love to own a small holding, with live stock, successfully self sufficient.  To be wholly proficient at growing all of our own food would be amazing.  A walled vegetable garden, an orchard full of many trees, fruits & blossom .. you see the dream!! Many recipes made from ingredients solely grown in our garden. To eat all natural foodstuff as & when its picked ... nature's store - gifts from the heavens, oceans & earth .. the trees seas & soil :)
Natural Nutrition. Such food for thought - medicine & pleasures.  Give up the day job I'd like to be a scientist or a philosopher   .. maybe both .. happily to dwell within the realms & chapters of many multi dimensional facets of life. The corridors of my mind open to all awesome spectacles of the cosmos & subsequent energy/life force. All which thrillingly challenge the mundane proof of certainty & belief.  Often I wander the paths towards purpose & potentials, meander off track dropping into reason & logic.  Perhaps its all about maintaining the balance, living in the moment as best we can, harmony & joys between knowing & being, bringing & giving, nurturing & nourishing .. being conscious & Soulful living.

Welcome to this hotch-potch blog & the antics in my kitchen
Good Taste, Peace & Love

Hmmm I thought I said smile!!!!! 
A conspiracy was hatched!!

" It is only with the heart that one can see rightly;
What is essential is invisible to the eye "