Tips & Titbits

Love the natural .. taste the goodness: heaven on earth . . if it grows from the earthy ground, enjoy. If it grows from the branches of shrubs, bushes & trees, enjoy. The magnificence of all nature's offerings.  No need for colourants or artificial flavourings. No need to add any vitamins . ..  get back to basics. Eat Nature's Natural Nutrition :) & enjoy all benefits.

& in no particular order..
  • Always always  first warm up the serving plates you are about to put your hot, delicious meal upon.
  • Always always rinse any rice until water runs clear before cooking it.
  • If possible always open a window close to where you're chopping onions, really does prevent tears :)
  • A healthy porridge can be made with using water & salt only. You don't have to use milk. Also the sweetness of the breakfast is down to taste, is only enjoyed if & when you add jam or syrup.  There is no sugar added into the porridge itself.
  • For Yorkshire puddings, always have the fat sizzling hot, with smoke rising before adding the Yorkshire Pudding batter.
  • Remember to add salt to the Yorkshire Batter Mixture too as the salt helps them to rise beautifully light. 
  • If you love homemade chips, but are concerned about the health aspects. try this healthier alternative. Peel & cut potatoes as usual. Boil the kettle. Add large pinch of alt to a saucepan. Add all of the cut chips to the saucepan. Add boiling water until all of the chips are submerged. Add to heat, boil for 7 minutes. Add to foil lined baking tray or oven proof dish. Spray with oil & add to oven, cook for 20 mins. Check, turn & pop back into oven for about 10 mins. Gorgeous tasty chips but much healthier than the deep fried ones.
  • Keep a bag of stale, old bread or crusts etc in the freezer to make breadcrumbs with. Our daughter disliked crusts at one time , so much so she would remove them & leave them  . . hating waste I decided to freeze them to use as instant bread crumbs, easily grated whilst still frozen to make superb breadcrumbs when required :)
  • When using a lemon - the sliced bit at the end . . keep it  - when necessary using a cocktail stick pin the end back together to keep the unused remaining lemon moist