Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Boeuf Stroganoff

What can you make when you really don't feel like cooking a heavy dinner, with lots of pans, when time dissolves away too quickly, when  so many other things command your attention & time. For me its a quick Boeuf Stroganoff.  Delicious!!! Again minimum ingredients needed, very easy to prepare & really easy to cook.
A fab meal without losing any of the wholesome, wow nourishing tasty factor winter dinners exude.

Sirloin Steak (or rump or fillet)
English Mustard
Salt & Pepper
Natural Greek StyleYogurt
Fresh Cream ( if you prefer but not a necessity)


  • Rinse steak in cold water. Add into a heavy duty plastic bag.  Bash the steak with a steak hammer.
  • Remove fat & put back into fridge. 
this is sirloin steak, we buy these in bulk & freeze
they're handy, tasty & great for all kinds of recipes.
  • Top, tail & peel onions. Halve then quarter each half into lovely wedge shaped portions. Add some olive oil of butter to large frying pan. Saute onions till softish. Remove from frying pan & leave to one side for a moment.

  • Rinse mushrooms, remove storks, cut & remove the outer edge of stork . Slice the mushrooms. Add to the frying pan the onions have just been sautéed in.
  • Top, tail, peel, slice & dice 3 cloves of garlic.  Add the garlic to the mushrooms towards the end of cooking, so the garlic cooks in the mushroom juices.
  • Once cooked to suit your taste, add the onions to the mushrooms & garlic.
  • Grate some nutmeg over the onion, garlic & mushroom mix.
  • Also add a healthy pinch of English mustard powder onto the mix.
  • Stir in the powders. Add sprinkling of flour - cook in & keep stirring all powders into veggie juices.

Add spices & stir well
Pour in large dash of Brandy
Touch a flame to the brandy to set it alight
  • I always season our steak, but some think you shouldn't add salt.
  • In a separate frying pan add a little oil & heat to a high temperature, as the blue haze rises add strips of steak & saute very quickly then take off heat. Meat should be browned on outside & lovely pinkish on inside.

perfect strips for frying pan
sizzle the steak in a little hot oil
sizzle for 2 - 3 minutes max
  • Once the steak is sizzled, this really takes about 2 mins, remove from heat to add the mushrooms, garlic & onions into the meat pan (full of flavoursome juices)
  • Mix altogether, add more nutmeg & mustard powder, stir in well.
  • Add natural yogurt or dream.
Measure out the rice needed, 1 cup serves 2 :)
  • Boil the kettle. 
  • Rinse the rice thoroughly until water runs clear.
note cloudy water!!!
Clear water, beautifully rinsed rice - makes all the difference to taste & texture.
  • Add salt into a saucepan, add rice & boiling water. Cook for 10 mins or whatever duration required
  • Meanwhile keep stroganoff mixture on low heat whilst rice is cooking. Allowing flavours to amalgamate.
  • Rinse & drain cooked rice & serve.
Brown on the outside, moist & pink on the inside. 

Hmmm, unfortunately the battery on my camera ran out before I could take a photie of our dinner plates, there was no way any of us would wait to eat :) Sorry no finished photie on plate but I can say & praise how quick, easy & totally delicious this dinner is. We have just as it comes but you could serve with veggies, garlic bread etc.  Hope you will still give it a go .. . its worth the discovery :)

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