Sunday, 6 May 2012

Juicy Sunday Joints

Any joint can be roasted in the following way. Its the juicy flavours, the fragrant taste, the warmth & spice which impregnate the flesh, marvelling a most unique & succulent tasty alternative to a dry roast.
Excite the tastebuds, simultaneously creating the most delicious gravy. 
Unleash your imagination, allow  peppercorns or mustard seeds to permeate their warmth & spice,  garlic, mustard, celery to penetrate their vibrant rousing flavours complimenting the freshness of rosemary or coriander, thyme or basil etc etc.  Smother with cranberry sauce, honey, Thai paste, ginger & garlic et etc  All melt & blend together in a fusion of exquisiteness. Full flavours with minimum  effort :)
Cook on a bed of Italian style potatoes, remembering  every now & then to open the foil parcel allowing the full flowing flavours to overflow, to soak thus marinate the potato mixture beneath. 
Mmmmmmm mmmmmmm.
Enjoy being creative . . share any good flavours & findings please :)

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