Thursday, 3 March 2011

Sloe Gin

Just want to show you how my Sloe Gin is coming along. Such a gorgeous vibrant yet rich deep colour. The berries visible through the bottle. Soon will be time to decant into respective bottles & enjoy as a wee Wintery dram liqueur or a long, iced deliciously fruity Summer drink mixed with lemonade ( app sacrilege)

From this stunning berry
to this delectable rich warming fruity dram

Mmmm then of course there has to be the sampling sessions

Soon, there will be the decanting, draining & bottling (if theres any left from sampling :)
I've never tasted manufactured Sloe Gin but app its artificially sweet & not anything like the 'real ' old fashioned Sloe Gin.  I guess you could experiment with many of the Autumn & Winter berries .. all which could bring a host of delicious flavours to the likes of Gin, Vodka, White Rum  etc ( being mostly a t-totaller I'm just a novice but would apply the same rules to liqueurs as I do my kitchen pot, ie "if it instinctively feels nice it usually is"  :)


  1. This looks so wicked! I have a bottle of sloe gin in the cupboard that I received as a present but don't know what to do with it. OK, I could drink it, but was thinking more for naughty recipes, esp now you've shown us how to make it ourselves!

  2. Hellooooo Dear Jill, Hope its warmer for you than here Gosh its bitter cold, we have those North Easterly winds biting us here upon the hill.
    Ah, now technically I haven't shown you how to make my recipe :D ha ha as its absolutely fabulous, but I'm not sure if thats because I don't drink so I've created flavours which are more palatable to an almost t-totaller. So I'm purposely waiting to decant before sharing .. don't want the recipe before the end produce is bottled. Its still got a few more months maturing.
    With the pickled sloes remaining he he, I'm maybe going to try making chocolate liqueurs. Your bottle of Sloe Gin, well maybe you could make some naughty macarons, add a few drops of the sloe gin to one of your berry recipes .. app the sloes taste of almonds & quite bitter until mixed & matured. The sugar is added very slowly over a long period of time . . well thats how I do it.. but I'm sure you could experiment.

    Ok .. a naughty recipe - a birthday trifle with a wee drop of sloe gin mixed into the jelly mixture ;)

  3. Wow..amazing! Yours looks much better than any manufactured sloe gin could ever be.

  4. Hello N&V .. Tee heee Oh well thats good . . erm & lucky!! Ys, the colour is amazing, so rich looking & the flavours are really developing . I had a sampling session this afternoon with some peeps who drink Sloe Gin & it received the thumbs up from all :) So its just right .. no need for any more additions just ready to decant half & keep half with the sloes. Next year I'm going to make a few different combinations . . I have a few ideas bubbling :) Hope you're having a lovely day.