Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Pancakes.. Shrove Tuesday

means its PANCAKES DAY .. yaaaaay
No need for any other descriptions except perhaps indulgence!!

6oz Plain flour
2 eggs

  • Sieve the plain flour into a large ceramic jug
  • Add the two eggs & mix
  • Add the milk & whisk
  • Add the water & whisk until you have a lovely smooth thin batter

  • Heat drizzle of oil up in pancake pan until blue smoke appears
  • Then pour small circle of batter into the middle of pan
  • Tilt the pan sideways, backwards & forwards until all batter is evenly covering the pan

  • Allow to cook for a couple or few minutes depending upon whether you enjoy your pancakes wafer thin or slightly thicker
  • Lift the edge of the pancake to see if cooked to your preferred colour
  • Turn the pancake over, either lift or flip :)

Hubby flipping his pancake :)
  • Once cooked to your taste, serve immediately with Maple Syrup or lemon & sugar (or any other yummy treats)

Mmmmm ENJOY !!
  • Simple, quick & tasty.
  • Of course you can create a whole recipe book full of recipes to enjoy with pancakes. savoury & sweet, experiment but mostly enjoy the delicious flavours & simplicity of a stack of home made pancakes.  Traditionally, we used to start with bacon, sausage & scrambled egg filled pancakes & finish with the sweet ones . . we're a bit more sensible  now :)


  1. I would eat these pancakes everyday!

  2. Yum - now I want to make some crepes!!

  3. Hello Lynds & Tiffany, Thank you ladies, they were delicious. You know I never quite know the difference between crepes & homemade pancakes . . my Mam always called them pancakes but my friends Mum served them as crepes . . is it just the difference in thickness . .although Mam's were very thin.. think its the American style pancakes which are thicker.

  4. These look so yummy!!! Pancakes look like that here in Oz too... I think the American once are thicker, but I am no expert. Nor do I give it too much thought... when something is yummy like this I would just love to EAT it, not think too much... I wouldn't want them to get cold!!! hehehe

  5. Thinking about it, (I've eaten my pancakes :) Crepes is simply the French word for pancakes :) Thank you for your kind comments, they were most yummy Manu & they've just gotta be eaten immediately :) Only thoughts as to whether you want maple syrup or lemon & sugar :D We used to have them with fresh cream & fruit too when our daughter was little, she LOVES pancakes. So much so she would - if allowed - eat them for breakfast, lunch & dinner with melted chocolate & a glass of milk !!!!! :)