Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Cheese Savoury

Memories are often distorted, the facts frequently prompted by the senses as opposed to only the trail of thoughts. For instance music, a single chorus or lyric can transport you back in time to a very specific moment, usually one of great significance emotionally. Time when the wholeness of our present being will be drenched by the feelings of the long ago long gone occasion, person & place. Same with smells & taste & its with the latter in which I was transported back in time - probably at least 25 years - to my Mam & Dad's house, when the freshly baked Northern stottie were still warm . . . when a fast filling snack was indeed lunch. Stottie & a bowlful of Mam's cheese savoury. The flavours were unique and as a speedy economical filling a superbly tasty one. So, for those late evening speedy treats, afternoon tea, quick lunch or even as a topping on a gorgeous hot jacket potato here is my lovely Mam's cheese savoury. (A stottie recipe will follow :)

Grated Cheese (I use mature cheddar)
One Red Onion
Salad Cream

  • Grate a large chunk of cheese into a large bowl
  • Top, tail & peel an onion, I prefer using red onions but a mild spanish brown one is equally as nice
  • Slice & dice into very small pieces. add to bowl of grated cheese & mix together
  • Sprinkle with freshly ground black pepper ( I don't add salt as find the mature cheddar is salty)
  • Add very large dollop of mayonnaise onto the cheese & onion mixture
  • Add  a large dollop of salad cream also onto the cheese & onion mixture & fold in until all cheese & onion are totally coated
  • Cover & pop into fridge until needed. Make enough to last a few days as it stores sooooo well & is an easy rescue filling for any quick last minute option
  • We needed a quick tasty lunch for 6, so this particular batch of cheese savoury was served on a lovely crusty roll, with shredded lettuce, side tomatoes, an apple & chutney. Or as previously mentioned it is delicious served on  hot jacket potatoes with a side salad
Plum tomatoes are so gorgeous this year
  • Enjoy a taste of the North, well thats what it reminds me of .. flavours from my old home 
  • PS the above platter was for the builders lunch, the little foil parcel was a wee freshly baked caramel shortcake . .  mmmmmmmm  to enjoy with their tea :)

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