Friday, 1 April 2011

Roast for Mothers Day with Saucy Apples

 Its traditional, its healthy, it works beautifully  - the perfect pairing since bread & butter, strawberries & cream - its delicious! Sunday's just wouldn't be the same without them... Mothers & Roast Dinners. Specifically  thinking Roast Pork, mmmm & of course pork just wouldn't be the same without apple sauce!!! Not just any apple sauce REAL apple sauce . . not sweet, cubed & tasteless out of a jar far too sugared sauce but homemade,  made  with your favourite apples. Taste is an acquired sense, of al the senses  my taste in all senses of the word is one most revered :) So back to homemade apple sauce & roast pork ! Also the thing about the gorgeous flavour of freshly made apple sauce is it compliments many other foods you can decide to have with the apples .. .  like cheese  ..  ham . .. mmmm create many textures & flavours then you end up with the most divine roast dinner! A  perfect 'Mothers Day' treat :)
Roast Pork & Roast Ham with all the trimmings ..  yum.

Apple Sauce
English Cox Apples (but do choose your own favourite these just happen to be ours)
Sprinkling of Sugar
* You can also add spices, herbs, cider or port depending upon your taste buds & what meal you're having)
Drizzle of water.

Joint of Pork
Joint of Ham
Green Beans
Red Onions

Cheese Sauce 
Plain flour
Mustard Powder

  • Wash & prepare meat ( Ham is best soaked in pan of cold water overnight to remove excess salt)
  • Score the pork skin into thin strips, rub with butter & salt so it cooks to the most gorgeous crackling
  • Wash, peel & prepare vegetables ready for roasting & cooking
  • For this meal we roasted the carrots, onion & potatoes the remaining veggies were boiled.
  • The cauli only for 6 mins then I made a cheese sauce, so it went into the oven with the Yorkshire puds
  • Core & peel apples
  • Remove the tough bits surrounding where the pips are & all pips
  • Dice into slices or cubes, thin or thick depending upon how chunky you like your apple sauce.
  • Add into saucepan with just a dash of water & sprinkling of sugar ( to suit taste)
  • Bring to boil, simmer for 5 mins. Mix together with fork, apples should be nicely soft but retaining  its shape unless you like it more mushy!
  • Serve with roast potatoes, cauliflower cheese, greens, roast ham & roast pork Ooh of course remembering Yorkshire puds if you have a teen addicted to Yorkshires' :)
  • We did have unexpected company for this 'two meat roast', so unfortunately I didn't manage to take photies of the dinner table & tureens  as it was all a bit of a rush as I needed to make a cake for dessert and as usual my battery runs out!!
  • Suffice to say all was devoured & enjoyed by all. . . and the cake was gorgeous too :) A Victoria sponge filled with raspberry & blueberry jam mix, whipped fresh cream & melted chocolate coating :)
  • Happy Mothers Day to all Mothers, hope your children make you (or take you out for) a most delicious meal. 


  1. Nothing to beat good old roast pork with the trimmings. BUT YOURS is not just any old traditional dish just thrown together. This all looks so tasty. I mean, look at that crackling. The pork looks so tender and your veg and apples done to perfection. Right that does it. When can I come round?

  2. Aw Dear Jill what lovely kind comments it was all soo very very tasty :) & yes very much just chucked together! Plus we had gorgeous pork sandwiches & ham salad for the rest of the week :) Yes the secret about good crackling is making sure its totally dry first before adding the butter & salt rub! Mmmmmmm, it was perfect but unfortunately I didnt get any real photies of its or the meals completion as company's needs kinda took precedence ha ha

    Bless - Darling Soul, whenever suits you :) tee hee

    Thank you again for your kind comments.