Sunday, 24 April 2011

Balmy BBQ

Mmmmm there's nothing quite so delicious than a spontaneous, tasty & speedy BBQ on a glorious sunny day. Ah, perhaps the fruity PIMMS to accompany it is equally as delicious.  Actually, glorious doesn't do the sunshine justice, it was truly a gorgeous day  just like a hot long Summers day except its Spring. Apparently 10c hotter than usual temperatures for this time of year.  Its Easter weekend, a few days off & theres just so much to do. Lots of jobs to do in the garden, lots of  leaves to clear, lawn to mow, flowers to plant, hanging baskets to fill etc etc. Sooo busy it was almost evening meal time before we knew it. All hungry & in need to devour something soon & very tasty.   A shame not to invest in such beautiful sunshine we dusted down the BBQ to enjoy our first Spring BBQ. Al fresco dining whenever possible is so primal, so enjoyable but doesnt need a 'special occasion' just needs a little sunshine, a BBQ & some charcoals :) What a difference in the taste .. . mmm succulent & highly flavoured.

Lamb Steaks
Pork Steak
Fiery Guava Chilli mix for marinade

For my kinda Beef burgers
Lean Steak Minced Beef
Rasher Lean Rindless Bacon
Smoked Paprika, Fenugreek

Homemade Coleslaw
White Cabbage
Salad Cream
Lemon Juice

Crusty Roll

Red Peppers, Carrots, Lettuce, Spring Onion, Tomato

  • First how to make the tasty beef burgers
  • Wash the meat steaks & sausages. Cover & store separately
  • Mince your own steak or remove the seal from bought steak mince to wash it in cold water, then drain excess liquid off.
  • Add the washed mince into large mixing bowl
  • Add large pinch of salt & some freshly ground pepper
  • Top & tail Onion & Garlic, slice into very small pieces
  • Add onion & garlic into the minced beef . Mix squish together all ingredients equally throughout with your hands (CLEAN HANDS :) or spoon.
  • Remove rind from rasher of bacon, cut with scissors into ribbons then dice the ribbons into the mixture. Mix together again with spoon or hands.
  • Add large sprinkling of smoked paprika & fenugreek  (or whatever spices you prefer, for us these two work especially well - great flavour)
  • As always I just use whatever we have to hand,  grab a handful of savoury biscuits. Mine just happened to be poppy seed. On a piece of tin foil line the biscuits. Wrap over & cover with the foil. Hammer into crushed pieces with a steak hammer. Have a look at crumbs to make sure all are tiny. Once all are broken equally into crumbs open one side of foil & empty onto minced beef mixture
  •  Mix all ingredients together & form into large ball
  • Flour surface of ball & work surface. Place ball of mince onto floured surface & tear off a small palm full of minced beef (size to suit what size beef burger you need). Using two hands squish together into ball. Place ball onto floured surface & squash flat. Between closing palms bring together the flat mince to create a burger shape. Gently pat into form then place on separate serving dish. 
  • Next Marinate the meat - pour some spices over the washed Pork, I used a Guava Spicy Chilli mix. Cover & refrigerate.
  • Lamb has such a gorgeous taste we don't often add flavouring to the lamb so simply wash preferring to leave the lamb to excel in its own juices & flavour.
  • It just wouldn't be a BBQ at our home without homemade coleslaw. Its so easy to make yet so very delicious.  For us its an absolute must. ..especially on days when time doesn't allow for long slow roasted Italian potatoes. 
  • Sooo moving onto making the Coleslaw! Mmmmmmmm its just so easy to make yet deliciously complimentary to all BBQ foods. Half the cabbage through the root bit, this makes it much easier to slice into fine ribbons.
  • Place the flat part of the halved cabbage onto the chopping board. Taking  a large vegetable knife cut fine slices of cabbage, they will separate & become lots of perfectly sized ribbons.
  • Add the ribbons of white cabbage into a large mixing bowl
  • Top, tail & peel 4 med sized carrots slice into 4 or 5 lengthways strips 
  • Slice the strips again into 2 or 3 matchstick size strips
  • Add carrots into ribbons of white cabbage
  • Top, tail & peel onion, halve then slice into strips then dice 
  • Add small pieces of diced onion to carrots & white cabbage
  • Add into the mixture a large dollop of mayonnaise, a large dollop of salad cream then squeeze the juice from half a lemon
  • Using two forks lift & coat all of the sliced & diced raw vegetables to make the most gorgeous, tasty coleslaw
  • Serve with salad, meat, potatoes etc
  • BBQ Salad, wash & prepare accordingly your preferred salad ingredients.  Slice, peel, dice, or ribbon then add all together into one bowl. Mix with two forks. If you prefer dress with lovely flavoursome salad dressing.  (Use a potato peeler to make ribbons from the carrots it adds lovely colour, texture & flavour) 
  • Once lump wood charcoals are hot, (white ash is at its hottest) place marinated meats on the griddle
  • Start with the sausages, the fat drips onto the coals & makes them smoke a little
  • Add the beef burgers & lamb . . the pork can still be cooking whilst you begin with the first flavours
  • Use two different pairs of tongs, one for picking up the raw meat & one for turning the cooked meat
  • Halve the crusty rolls, add mayonnaise & BBQ relish, cheese & lettuce or enjoy plain as the burger is very succulent & flavoursome
  • When everything is cooked to taste - we like our meat pink - serve with salad, coleslaw & relish
Mmmm Lamb is deliciously succulent, pink & so tasty

Pork fat becomes really crispy & so tender
  • Mmmmmmm ENJOY
  • If you have time to make them, serve the Italian style roast potatoes with the BBQ too
  • These ones below are parmesan coated Italian roast, they're absolutely yummy! 
  • Add tomatoes, onions, garlic & olive oil into a large ovenproof tureen. Boil the potatoes until soft, drain & add to tureen turning & coating all with the oil. Sprinkle all ingredients with rosemary, freshly ground pepper & healthy covering of parmesan cheese. 
  • Pop into hot oven & roast for couple of hours.
  • Once the potatoes are roasted, they're dark & crispy on the outside & delightfully fluffy on the inside, The tomatoes & onions are almost caramelised in a sticky delicious mass. The parmesan coating is crunchy & tasty. 

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  1. Doesn't need a special occasion? Wow. That BBQ you served up turned it into a special occasion! Look at these beef burgers (with bacon, no less), guava chilli sounds gorgeous - and the homemade colelaw. Gosh - the full monty - everything is fantastic. I can almost smell it all from here...