Sunday, 1 May 2011

Captivating Coleslaw

:) Now you may think captivating should only be considered when used to describe an enchanting Soul, a wondrous conversation, breath taking beauty or the beautiful smile brightening the face of any person. Coleslaw doesn't come to mind when we think 'captivating' However, throughout every Summer, regardless of who visits of home for BBQ's, no matter their age & connoisseur status of flavours but each & everyone of them becomes slightly preoccupied with our coleslaw!! Enjoying a plateful of marinated, chicken,  home made burgers, sizzling succulent lamb, gorgeous potatoes and tasty salad in other words so much deliciousness to compliment - yet - but - time & time again its the coleslaw. How delicious homemade coleslaw is, even peeps who don't usually like coleslaw are amazed that they love it because they don't like bought coleslaw!!  Often there'll be phone calls, so tell me again your ingredients, tell me what you mix? Bless. Thus, after adding the coleslaw to the BBQ entry I've decided to separate it to give credit to the Coleslaw in its own right!  It truly is a most worthy contender for taste & textures upon the BBQ platter to accompany & compliment everything else on the plate.

White Cabbage
Salad Cream
(you can add a pinch of Mustard Powder)

  • Remove outer leaves of the cabbage
  • Half the cabbage lengthways, from top to base so youre cutting through the root. This makes the slicing of the ribboned effect very easy.
  • Slice as much ribboned cabbage as you need. I usually make a great big bowlful to last all week
  • Top, tail & peel the carrots (I usually use four carrots to about a third of the cabbage). Slice lengthways  into thin strips. Then cut the strips up into matchstick size pieces of carrot.
  • Add matchsticks into the bowl with the ribbons of cabbage
  • Mix together ready for the onion to be added
  • Top, tail & peel a med size onion, Halve & then slice into thin ribbons. Then cut into small diced pieces. Add onions to the cabbage & carrot mixture. 
  • Depending upon your preference, you can make the coleslaw very fine or quite chunky. We love ours chunky thus make it accordingly.
  • Add a huge dollop of mayonnaise, add a large dollop of salad cream, add pinch of Colmons mustard powder & the juice of half a lemon
  • Using two forks mix & coat all of the coleslaw with the creamy mayonnaise & salad cream combination.
  • Serve with almost any Summer meal :)
  • ENJOY!! :)


  1. I am captivated by your coleslaw :) It is one of those dishes that so many people buy at the supermarket when - as you demonstrate so well - it is just a matter of shredding and mixing to suit your tastebuds to get the freshest coleslaw you'll ever eat.

  2. Tee heee thank you :)

    Absolutely soo easy. Also the bought ones, not only are they so expensive in comparison - the cost is also to the flavours & texture!!
    I've found, once I've made one batch it then becomes a creative quest to explore & discover many more complimentary shreds I can mix!! Extend into other ideas for different meats; mixture of red cabbage, apple, Waldorf etc etc all quite delicious.

  3. Wonderful post! Not being an Italian dish I have never made it at home!!! I like it though and I am glad to see that it is not hard to make! Thank you so much for this post!!!

  4. Hi Manu,
    Hope you & yours are well. Enjoying the sunshine!
    Its Spring here- 10c hotter than usual, already we've enjoyed bbq weekends & evenings :) Fabulous - roll on British Summertime for more bbq indulgence :)
    Thank you for your lovely comments, always good to hear from you.

  5. Hm. Now Coleslaw is something I haven't appreciated for a long time. You are so right: when you have the real home made version there is no turning back. Thanks for the inspiration. You've captivated me, too!

  6. Ah, Jill well I hope you'll still be captivated by my 'post in waiting' I'm just adding the filling, mixing the icing & taking a deep breath before presenting my next submission :)

    Oooh dear, all these airs & graces about some cabbage mixed with carrots teee heee there are many traditions & taste most worthy to uphold. The quality & flavour of home made coleslaw is one of them. I carry the banner,would protest en masse for the rights of homemade coleslaw to own its rightful place at any BBQ !!! >;D

    You may want to turn away now ;o)