Sunday, 15 May 2011

Speedy Boeuf Stroganoff

Or should I say strog-faux-anuff . Its always on an evening when we can't be bothered to cook, but always want something very tasty. Boeuf Strog (with variant flavours which change every time i make it:)always fills that flavoursome quest. Mainly because its fast, tasty, easy & filling. Without further ramblings here we have the pleasing quickie. I adore long french green beans with mine, our daughter loves chips with hers & hubby enjoys rice which proves its such a versatile dish.

Sirloin Steaks

Smoked Paprika
Mustard Powder
Fresh Cream (or natural yogurt or milk)

Green beans

  • Rinse, slice & saute the mushrooms in melted butter
  • Top, tail & peel the onion, cut into small wedges, add to melted butter
  • Saute with the mushrooms
  • Rinse the steaks in cold water
  • Place on a board, (if preffered to stop blood splashes wrap totally a few times in a carrier bag, so all steaks are concealed 
  • Bask steaks with a steak hammer to tenderise.
  • Once bashed, add oil (or butter)  into a frying pan
  • With a sharp knife, slice the steak into ribbons
  • Heat oil until blue smoke rises
  • Add a few of the ribbons of steak, sizzle, (no more than a handful) turn & remove. 
  • Place the sizzled rare steak onto a warmed plate
  • Continue this method until all of the ribbons of steak are cooked.
  • When sizzling, the steak turns brown on the outside whilst staying juicy & red in the middle
  • Make sure each time you add the new batches, keep the oil sizzling hot
  • If you cut open a ribbon it should be deliciously juicy & rare inside
  • When all steak is done return all of the ribbons back into the pan
  • Add a large glug of brandy ( I only had Greek Mettaxa but it served the sauce well)
  • Hold a flame to the alcohol & set alight (flambé)
  • Once the flames subside, remove from hear
  • Grate some nutmeg, add some smoked paprika, add large pinch Colmons English mustard powder
  • Coat the meat in the powder & brandy liquid
  • Once all mixed, add the onions & mushrooms
  • Add some cream & stir in
  • If you haven't any cream or prefer less fattening sauce, milk serves the sauce equally as well.
  • I ran out of cream so added milk when needed, still made a delicious sauce
  • Mix all together & return to heat
  • Reduce simmering gently whilst the rice cooks or the green beans or chips :)
  • This was for our teen, so its served with chips!!
  • Once all heated, serve & devour immediately
  • Hmm well I have photo of the students junky studying comfort food, beef strog sauce with the favourite chips!!
  • Our battery ran out so the green beans & rice were never captured on camera.
  • Enjoy . . 


  1. Stroganoff... and chips! I bet the chips were lovely dipped in the mustardy sauce. Great version.

  2. The flavours were gorgeous, the smoked paprika really works well with the flambé brandy :) then the creamy additions mmmmmm yes I must admit to pinching a couple. Thank you its certainly a tasty version :D

  3. That certainly is a posh strog! Looks so creamy and mouthwatering with all your lovely flavours. I love dishes with a bit of a kick and this one is something I should make. The family will adore it! Merci, ma belle :-)

  4. Oh 'er it doesn't look very posh, but it does scrub up well * hold its own when required, it does rise to the occasion especially when served with a melody of juicy vegetables accompanying the succulent sizzled steak & gorgeous sauce. .. accueil d'youre :) dites-vous merci aussi