Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Classy chilli con carne

We absolutely love spices, adore strong flavours. Chilli con carne is a gorgeous meal, usually made with minced beef served with rice, in tacos,on jacket potatoes. so many different ways to serve this tasty dish. To make an  occasion of the delightful combination of meat, spices, peppers & pulses diced sirloin steak can be used instead of the minced beef. In fact chilli con carne made with steak is gorgeous, a most worthy contender to always substitute the mince. A classy version every now and then totally justifying the difference in price, taste & deliciousness :)

Classy chilli con carne

Sirloin steak
2 Red Peppers (or green)
2 Onions
4 Garlic cloves
2 Red Chilli (deseeded)
1 Green Chilli (deseeded)
Tinned Tomatoes
Tomato Puree
Kidney Beans
Salt & Pepper
Beef Stock
Spices (cumin, coriander, chilli etc)
Natural Yogurt


  • Rinse the brown rice in cold water, add salt & boiling water - cook for 30 mins
  • Peel & slice the onions, sweat in oil
  • Rinse the steak, add pieces of steak between a carrier bag & bash with steak hammer to tenderise (put between carrier bag prevents blood from splashing)
  • Once the steak is tenderised, slice into ribbons, then dice into small chunks
  • Peel, top & tail the peppers, seat with the onions
  • Rinse the mushrooms in cold water. remove tip of stalks. halve the mushrooms then add to pepper , onions & garlic. Sweat veggies until tender.
  • Deseed chillies , slice & dice into small pieces - add to pan & saute
  • Remove the skin from the garlic, crush with the blade of a knife then slice & dice
  • Add garlic to the onions, mushrooms & pepper
  • Add tomato puree & spices 
  • Into a different frying pan, add splash of oil, heat until smoke rises then add chinks of steak & sizzle until brown on the outside (only takes a few moments) 

  • In veggie frying pan, add dash of boiling water 
  • Add kidney beans then add the sizzling steak into the chilli con carne
  • Drain the boiling water from the brown rice
  • Rinse the kidney beans & add to the steak mix, stir in ensuring all is piping hot then serve immediately  with rice, tacos, jacket potato etc
  • On this occasion we had brown rice... the chillied steak rose to the occasion & was absolutely delicious!

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