Saturday, 12 November 2011

Scrumptious Breakfast

Breakfast can easily become such a boring quickie as if the most insignificant endurance, especially if ones seduced or rather entrapped by the cereal is best brigade - usually marketing ethos as opposed to healthy regimes - yet a 'Breakfast' leisurely enjoyed with great textures, treats & taste is an  indulgence served with pleasures in mind. It doesn't take much to create a real tasty treat out of the typical breakfast cupboard ingredients, to turn the cereal banality into a delicious dish which will not only awaken all taste buds & make you smile ... but its  so aesthetically pleasing.
During the sultry Summer we were the appreciative recipients of some gorgeous plums given to us by neighbours & family. Never have I tasted such exquisite plum. this year they were exceptionally delectable! We had soo sooooo many to enjoy. One day we decided to stew some & decant into jars to keep in the fridge so we could have them with desserts, snacks & for breakfast. Any fruits we have to hand - in season - suits this dish. However it especially suited the plums.  Although I'm not  great lover of cereal, its quite a handy base upon which such moreish treats can be served.

Pecan & Maple Clusters are our usual favoured base but equally as good are Muesli
and also the more general cereals like Cornflakes, Branflakes etc
Fruit.. Victoria Plums
Natural Greek Yogurt
Maple Syrup
  • Rinse the plums beneath running cold water
  • Halve & remove the stone
  • Add the halved plums into a small saucepan, add a drop of water 
  • Place the saucepan on the heat & cook the fruit until it softens to a stew like consistencey
  • Remove from heat, allow to cool then decant into jars. 
  • Store in fridge until needed.
  • Take a handful of your favourite cereal and add it to a small bowl
  • First stir the Greek yogurt, then take a large tablespoon full of the yogurt and add the dollop on top of the cereal
  • Next take a large spoonful of the stewed plums adding the fruit onto the yogurt
  • If preferred, you can now add a drizzle of Maple Syrup which just rings a lovely completion to the flavours, texture & taste.

  • If not eaten immediately  the yogurt softens the cereal & the flavours become merged creating an almost caramelised flavour.
  • Also Blueberries, Raspberries, Strawberries, Melon, Grapes & Apples are also sooo tasty. So do try all of them.
  • Mmmmmmmm absolutely delicious 
  • Experiment & enjoy but much more than pleasure its quite a good wholesome ways to eat cereal for those of us who don't really enjoy the taste of cereal drowning in milk.
This post is dedicated with love to Imi :)  who graced our breakfast table & thoroughly enjoyed the wee bowl of clusters, pecan nuts topped with yogurt, chopped apple & maple syrup. "Imi, you see I knew I had some old photos on file somewhere  ..  so here we are ..  now Imi you show your nearest & dearest the tasty treat, the great recipe for those dreary mornings which need a little fruity awakening" xXx


  1. Ooooo - forget the cereal. I'd be so happy to start the day with lovely stewed plums (or other fruits) and yoghurt. Love your pics, and your descriptions.

  2. Absolutely agree & we usually do but sometimes I just need a carb fix!!! This is a tasty way to indulge :) Much preferring the more crunchy crispy clusters to the flakes with the additions but on this particular day it was all we had in the cupboard lol.

    Thank you so much, you're very kind. Funnily enough all were initially intended to assist the 'Young Un' during her bout at Uni.
    Apparently she hasn't time to look let alone cook & when she does its Pasta Tuna Bake!!!! (which by the way she wouldn't even touch at home let alone eat)

    Hmmmmm - KIDS!!!! :)

  3. PS by the way the bowls are tiny!! Its just a taster not a huge bowlful of cereal :)

  4. I love breakfast ideas I find as I think it's a difficult meal to vary and get get very dull. I love this idea. Also, thank you for your comment on my sloe gin, I didn't know I was meant to prick it with a thorn! I'll have to remember for next year!

  5. Great cereal ideas for Imi but also for my girls. They are definitely cereal brigade queens and I'm always trying to brighten their bowls up with serious healthy additions. These looked fabulous plums! Yummy.
    Apologies for taking so long to pop in for a chat - look forward to catching up over a virtual cuppa soon! Happy Christmas preparations...